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I just (May 28, 2005) planted three new shrubs and one ground cover plant in the flowerbeds at the front of the house. Click any photo to see a larger version.

Far Left Left Side of House
Left of Door Left of Door
Right of Door Right of Door
Left of Tree Left of Tree
Right Side Right Side of House
Far Right Far Right of House

For my birthday in 2002, MJ took me to Las Vegas. It was my first trip and we had a blast!! One of the things we did was see Siegfried and Roy and their white tigers. Here are a couple pictures:

Closeup of Tiger
Closeup of Tiger
Tiger and Statue
Tiger and Statue
Ah! Stretch
Ah! Stretch!

MJ took this photo August 11, 2001. I think it makes me look really nice. :)

Me in the Wind

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