Stuff I Like

A mishmash of things that tickle my fancy

Digital Photography: I purchased a Sony Mavica FD-88 towards the beginning on 2000. I take a ton of photos in 1024x768 size with tons of colors. I've discovered I'm addicted to color! Love flowers in bloom!! Feel free to peruse some of my desktops.

Cross Stitching: I like creating things with my hands. I've done a couple larger pieces (bigger than a sheet of paper) and a number of smaller ones.


For software, I am using a computer program that converts images into patterns and offers the ability to create your own patterns from scratch. It is called Easy Cross de Lux available through the UK, It is a nice application and I like the added motifs they offer.

Cooking: I'm a fan of playing in the kitchen. I subscribe to several recipe newsletters. If you like that too, check out World Wide Recipes, Real Food for Real People (I get the healthy recipe list), or Recipe du Jour.
Reading: It's a rare time to see me without a book. I read on the train to work, from work, at lunch, and it helps me relax at night. My library is huge.
Pithy quote goes here. Now, if I can just think of one.